About Jonosfero

We provide unrivalled customer service by creating tailored, worry-free, cost-effective and time-saving technology services for clients.

Our Products

The Jonosfero family of products includes Affinis, Workis, Konsentis

We design intelligent products that boost productivity as well as control, a feat few others are able to achieve.

Our products align with human as well as corporate elements to create technology products that work for you rather than forcing you to change how you work

Our products are intelligently designed to the human and organizational elements of control and operational risk. Our products lead to long term benefits by creating a ‘whole’ that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Access them all on our platform AltaStack for a seamless union between application, environment, function, control and security.

Our Strengths

  • Deep Expertise – Clients and customers of Jonosfero stay ahead of the competition, drawing on over 100 years of worldwide financial services, technology and risk management expertise
  • Practical Use of Technology – We show how technology platforms can be expertly, carefully, intelligently and deliberately architected to meet your business and technology objectives.
  • A Unique Team – To achieve high-quality, cost-effective, and long-term technological transformations, Jackstien Practices, a risk and transition management firm joined forces with Acies, an award-winning firm led by industry veterans with over a century of combined finance and technology experience.
  • Consistent, Meaningful Services – With experts across the field of risk and technology, we consistently provide meaningful service to solve tomorrow’s problems today.

What does “Jonosfero” mean?

Jonosfero is an Esperanto word meaning Ionosphere.

Ionosphere – The layer of the Earth’s atmosphere extending from about 80 to 1,000 km above the Earth’s surface. With a high concentration of ions and free electrons, it is critical in atmospheric electricity and radio propagation over distances places on the Earth. Without it, communication would work only with line of sight and all modern technology would hold little meaning.

Esperanto – The world’s only truly international and most widely spoken constructed language.

Our Founders

Nishant Shah

Managing Partner

A career multi-national banker, Mr. Shah has worked internationally with Citibank, Standard Chartered and finally with JPMorgan Chase as the Head of Operating Risk. Mr. Shah has held several senior positions and portfolios throughout the financial industry.

Muzammil Patel

Managing Partner

A veteran in the financial services industry and former Partner in a Big 4 professional services firm in India. A technology expert, he has spent a large part of his career on risk and regulatory transformation projects.