Emails in Structured Digital Database – can they be stored as is?


Emails cannot be stored in a Structured Digital Database.

The regulation obligation is to maintain the Nature of UPSI, not UPSI itself (the later may increase the risk rather than reducing it).

Attaching, say, a pdf of an email would have the actual UPSI while at the same time it would not be linked to PAN and Entity details of the individual.

Similarly, sending an email itself through a SDD application gives rise to a similar issues of containing actual UPSI in addition to which, the required details of natural persons are not captured, nor of the recipients or their individual organizations. Group email addresses cause further gaps in compliances.

As such, no uploads (such as pdfs or excel sheets or word documents or any other) are possible other than as provided for in compliance with the requirements.

Affinis(SDD) is therefore designed to prevent this and promote secure, quick and easy data entry instead.

What’s more, Affinis(SDD) provides the smartest and most sophisticated email auto-capture solution available, enabling no-touch auto-capture while remaining fully secure, internal and, at the same time, preventing actual UPSI from flowing into the SDD even while capturing only the emails you instruct it to.