Structured Digital Database – Is automatic email capture possible?


With the Affinis(SDD) it is possible.

Both versions of Affinis(SDD) – Core as well as Prime come with support for email auto-capture out of the box.

Whats more, Affinis(SDD) provides the smartest and most sophisticated email auto-capture solution available today.

No Cc’ing, no additional emails, no external email addresses or security weaknesses.

No storage of actual UPSI (a regulatorily key issue).

No risking non-UPSI emails being auto-captured.

Affinis(SDD) enables no-touch auto-capture while remaining fully secure, internal and, at the same time, preventing actual UPSI from flowing into the SDD even while capturing only the emails you instruct it to, where you need it to.

Reach out to us for a demo to see it live in action!